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  • On hiatus

    Hey folks! We are Lori and Keith, a husband-and-wife photography duo based just outside Orange County, CA. We started our business in 2007. Over the years we've had the pleasure of meeting and photographing dozens of adorable families and brides and grooms.

    Unfortunately, 2015 is the year for us to take a break from photography and re-focus our energies. We've got a 50-year-old house that we're lovingly restoring. And having more free time allows us spend more precious time with our families—something we need right now.

    Thank you for visiting. And God bless.

Final Fantasy Engagement Session: Jennifer + Scott

You know you’re in for a good time when your clients show up for engagement photos donning outfits from their favorite video game characters, in public, and are unfazed by onlookers’ curious stares. But once you get to know Jennifer and Scott you quickly realize that these are two cool cats whose shared interest in […]

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  • Reher's Fine Florals - Just met with Jennifer and Scott yesterday to discuss the final touches on their wedding flowers. Can’t wait to see the pics from their wedding!

Goodbye, 2011!

The last day of 2011 is here!  How did this year manage to fly by so fast?! Last night, Keith and I thought it would be fun to take a look at all the photos we’d taken the past 12 months.  Our hard drives are full of 40+ family sessions, engagements, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries […]

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Newland Barn Huntington Beach Wedding: Cate + Ian

Here at world headquarters it’s like Christmas in July. At least it seems that way; with the fantastic weather we’ve had this past week it hardly seems like winter at all. It reminds us of all the great outdoor goodness we have here in Southern California, and it’s probably why so many brides choose outdoor […]

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  • Darleene Powells - Those flowers were cool!

  • Lori Anderson - They were gorgeous! I LOVED the mix of flowers and succulents.

  • Cate Jones - You both were so friendly and professional! You took all the kinds of pictures we were hoping for and we can’t thank you enough. Have a happy new Year!

  • Darleene Powells - Do you have any more photos of the flowers and decorations for a future blog post, Lori?

  • Lori Anderson - @[504789535:2048:Darleene Powells] We have a few. Would you like us to do a guest post?

  • Valeria Castaneda - What time of year was the wedding? I’m really considering this location! Fabulous pictures.

Orange County Photographer | Ben’s Senior Portraits

Let us start by telling you this is the first time we’ve encountered a yo-yo as part of a photo session, and now that we have, we’re not sure why it’s never been done before. Maybe because none of our models have been as relaxed and yo-yo proficient as Ben? Ben is a high school […]

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Happy First Anniversary!: Jenna and Matthew

What’s black and white, and pink all over?  A wedding featuring this adorable couple: Jenna and Matthew! Exactly one year ago today, these two tied the knot in a wedding that was filled with an abundance of friends, family, emotion, and of course, the color pink!  We were only able to post a few shots […]

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Anniversary Mini-Session: Zenna and Cruz

School.  Aside from the assignments and cramming for tests at 2 a.m., I have some pretty fond memories of my college days.  But almost all of those memories revolve around the great friends I met.  And who would have guessed that while working on the college newspaper I would meet my future husband!  Yes, Keith […]

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Irvine Photography Workshop

Getting behind the camera and photographing families or brides and grooms is what we do best.  And we’ve been doing just that for almost five years now!  Along the way we’ve learned a ton about the photo business.  So it’s fun when we can actually sit down and share what we know with other up-and-coming […]

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Los Rios Street Family Photos

Happy Friday!  And happy first day of Autumn!  Keith and I look forward to the start of fall each year.  Between now and Thanksgiving, our calendar is packed with lots of birthdays, anniversaries and other assorted family activities—including a weekend of my mom teaching me how to use the free sewing machine I inherited.  I’m […]

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