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    Hey folks! We are Lori and Keith, a husband-and-wife photography duo based just outside Orange County, CA. We started our business in 2007. Over the years we've had the pleasure of meeting and photographing dozens of adorable families and brides and grooms.

    Unfortunately, 2015 is the year for us to take a break from photography and re-focus our energies. We've got a 50-year-old house that we're lovingly restoring. And having more free time allows us spend more precious time with our families—something we need right now.

    Thank you for visiting. And God bless.

2009 Year in Review: Fountain of Fun

A lot of times clients ask us for suggestions on where to take photos.  While we can usually come up with a list of locations that will suit the particular look they are going for, it’s fun when clients tell us about new places they want to explore with their families.  Last Summer, the Y. […]

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2009 Year in Review: The More the Merrier

Keith and I are used to shooting large groups.  We get requests to photograph extended families quite a bit, especially around the holidays.  But last summer, we received a special request to photograph three friends and their kiddos.  Except for the scorching weather that morning (yes, about 90 degrees at 10 a.m.!) the session went […]

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2009 Year in Review: Nate at Creek Park

“La Mirada? Where’s that?!” This is the response I often get when I refer to my hometown.  But maybe that’s a good thing.  Nestled just north of the Orange County line is the city where I grew up and spent 20+ years.  It’s more notable neighboring cities are Whittier and La Habra.  The neighborhood where […]

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2009 Year in Review: Fullerton Arboretum

For me and Keith, Cal State Fullerton is a pretty special place.  Not only did we both graduate from there, but it’s the spot where we first met several years ago while working on the school newspaper, the Daily Titan.  Go Titans! 😉 But while attending college, neither of us ventured to check out the […]

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Three years!

The skies are dark, the rain is pouring, and it’s a little chilly outside. Despite the gloomy weather, Keith and I have plenty to celebrate.  This holiday weekend marks the third anniversary of our photography business.  We’ve come a long way since our first photo shoot of Baby Nate three years ago.  We can’t believe […]

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2009 Year in Review: Irvine Family Portraits

As portraits photographers, we meet a lot of young families.  It’s always fun capturing the expressions of babies and toddlers—just give ’em a minute and they’ll give you a dozen different smiles and giggles. But this next family was a bit different for us: three adult siblings! And we loved every minute of it!  We […]

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2009 Year in Review: Our Top Spot

Each January, I love compiling our year-in-review posts.  It’s a great way to remember all the awesome families—and locations—we’ve photographed over the past year.  But our session last May with the F. Family is pretty special to us.  It was the first time we photographed at our secret Irvine location which is now our top […]

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2009 Year in Review: Orange County Engagement Photos

It’s not everyday you can find a hammock, an oil drum fountain, and a cute couple in love—all in the same location.  But last May, we did just that when we met up with April and Matt at the The Lab and The Camp in Costa Mesa, CA to shoot their engagement photos.  You might […]

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  • robin cornett - What a CUTE couple! I love their outfits, and the pictures are great! That hammock one is my favorite, but I also like the smoochy one with her foot up (dangit, what was that movie?). Really fantabulous!

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