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    Hey folks! We are Lori and Keith, a husband-and-wife photography duo based just outside Orange County, CA. We started our business in 2007. Over the years we've had the pleasure of meeting and photographing dozens of adorable families and brides and grooms.

    Unfortunately, 2015 is the year for us to take a break from photography and re-focus our energies. We've got a 50-year-old house that we're lovingly restoring. And having more free time allows us spend more precious time with our families—something we need right now.

    Thank you for visiting. And God bless.

And the winner is…the Greene Family!

Happy Saturday!  We’ve made it to the weekend!  And we also made it to the end of our second annual photo contest.  A big thank you goes to all our clients, blog readers, and fans who cast their ballots—we received 335 votes!  It’s clear that everyone seems to have their favorite picture, but with 42% […]

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Rock the Vote!

For those who follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you know that we’ve been hinting at a contest for a couple months.  Well the wait is finally over!  Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our second annual photo contest! In last year’s contest, the cute O’Connell Family won the grand prize of a 16″x20″ […]

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  • Toni - How do I choose just one?! They all look awesome!

  • Matthew - It’s easy Toni, just vote for Matt and April :)

Year in Review: Oh, Canada!

What with the extra time off, the winter holidays are a perfect time to get together with relatives you may only see once a year.  So last December, when we got a call from the O. Family we couldn’t say no to booking a session with them, even during our own self-imposed Christmas break.  Kim […]

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2009 Year in Review: The Fro-Yo Craze

Cherry on Top.  America’s Cup.  House of Yogurt.  Is it just me, or was 2009 the year of the self-serve frozen yogurt?  All last year it seemed that a new frozen yogurt shop was springing up each week.  They even seemed to be rivaling the number of Starbucks in the OC. But I’m not complaining.  […]

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  • Greta - Have you guy’s tried Tutti Frutti yet? There’s one on Birch St. in Brea. We should try it sometime.

  • Traci - We love frozen yogurt. Especially Frugos. If you ever come up to Whittier, you’ll have to try it out. It’s yummy deliciousness.

2009 Year in Review: Trash the Dress

Remember Sarah and Daniel from yesterday’s blog post?  During our bridal session with them last Fall, they looked adorable sitting and strumming a guitar in the golden glow of the late afternoon sun.  It’s no doubt this couple looked great on land, but how would they fare in the water?  At the end of the […]

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  • Janet - I absolutely love the last shot!! Looks like something you’d only see in the movies. Great pics!

  • Evangel Abrego - I just love this photo session you did; so creative and fun. You captured the carefree-ness (is that a word?!) of the couple and I love that!

2009 Year in Review: Nate Turns 3

Greta and Chris are personal friends of ours, so when they had a baby boy three years ago—just as we got the photography bug—we sorta kinda volunteered them to become our regular models. Every six months or so we get together at a fun location to take pictures of the family.  And our session with […]

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2009 Year in Review: Yorba Linda Bridal Portraits

A few days ago, we posted photos of Lisa and Jake from a group bridal session we participated in last October.  Keith and I were doubly blessed that afternoon.  Not only were we able to spend time with Lisa and Jake, but we also got to meet another fabulous couple—Sarah and Daniel.  This young couple […]

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