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Orange Orchard Family Photos: The A. Family

Sometimes the ingredients needed for a great family session are simple:

An orange orchard with a rusty tractor?  Check!

Some rocks to pick up off the ground?  Check!

An adorable toddler and his fun-loving parents?  Check and check!

Meet the A. Family.  We met up with this cute trio at one of our new favorite spots, an old orange orchard in San Juan Capistrano.

The orchard, still peppered with spring mustard flowers, was the perfect choice for the A. Family’s session.  Us adults could appreciate the beauty of the open field, while adorable 18-month-old Jack had plenty of room to roam and explore.  Sitting in the driver’s seat of the rustic tractor provided some entertainment.  But for Jack, the highlight of the afternoon had to be finding all of the rocks and loose oranges that dotted the ground.  It was especially cute to watch Jack offer Keith the rocks and oranges he found.

To top things off, we were treated to a show in the sky—the solar eclipse caught our attention as the moon passed in front of the sun.

Thanks so much to the A. Family for the wonderful outing, and for helping us showcase this fabulous orchard.

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