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Orange County Family Photography: The G. Family

Question: What happens when you combine an adorable seven-month-old baby with an equally adorable pug?

Answer: Awesomeness!

Keith and I recently had the pleasure of photographing the G. Family at our favorite Orange County location—the Irvine secret spot!  While family sessions with dogs can be a bit tricky to manage, we knew we would have a fun time with this cute little family of three who had their pug, Lola, in tow.

I grew up with an energetic pug as the family pet, and over the years, I’ve missed the snorts, curly tail, and spunky personality that help define this dog breed. Meeting Lola helped bring all of those fun childhood memories back.

But enough about reminiscing.  How about some photos?!

We always try to start our sessions about 90 minutes before sunset to capture that magically soft afternoon sunlight.

Baby Nicolas wasn’t so sure about the new location or tall grasses surrounding him at first.  But he warmed up.

Thanks so much to the G. Family for making our afternoon so much fun!  And for letting us take turns holding Nicolas and Lola.  Both of the “kids” were great!

And before we go, here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of Keith at work.  We’ll do whatever it takes to coax a smile out of the little ones.

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