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Fullerton Arboretum Wedding at Cal State Fullerton

If you’re reading this page, some congratulations are in order! Now comes the fun part: planning your big day. And when it comes to photography, we can help make it special.

The Fullerton Arboretum at California State University, Fullerton makes an excellent backdrop for weddings and wedding photography. Keith and I both graduated from CSUF, and we recently shot a wedding at the arboretum, so we have some suggestions that might help you turn your day into a dream come true.

  1. There are plenty of options for fantastic photos, and unlike other facilities, beautiful pictures can be had year-round, although most flowering plants are at their peak in the Spring. Nevertheless, if you like greenery this might be the place for you!
  2. If you want a unique background, check out the ponds with their reeds and swimming turtles. Or how about the orange orchard near the Heritage House?
  3. For a little extra fun, you can hang your wedding dress on the clothesline outside the Heritage House and shoot up at the windmill for a vintage look. Or use the white picket fence and walkway around the house for some detail shots.
  4. There’s a fantastic old tree with long, outstretched branches that offer shade for your ceremony if it’s held at the arbor. This area can be a bit tricky for lighting as it creates heavily dappled sunspots, but it’s quite magical!
  5. The Heritage House, a 19th-century Victorian-inspired home originally occupied by one of Fullerton’s pioneering doctors (and moved from elsewhere in the city in 1972), might be available for getting ready, but don’t bring your whole entourage—it’s a bit tight inside. Still, it’s a cozy onsite location that will provide those all-so-important bridal getting ready shots.
  6. If yours is an evening affair, plan on installing lights. Lights make a huge difference in the ambiance of any facility, especially outside where it gets dark!
  7. Consider having your bridal portraits taken before the ceremony, especially if you only have the place for the ceremony but not the reception. This will keep things moving right along once you’re done with the ceremony and ready for your reception.
  8. The facility is serious about its timeline, and if you run out of time you may find yourself out of luck and looking for another spot for pictures, so respect the hours written into your contract with the venue.
  9. If you need a great local baker, call Beverly’s Best in Fullerton. They did our own wedding cake and it was scrumptious! Marble cake with chocolate mousse…yum!
  10. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: remember to have fun! This is supposed to be a celebration of your love. Don’t stress too much about the details on the day of your wedding.

Interested in booking us for your big day? Just send us a note via our contact link, or give us a call at (949) 451-1743.

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