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Celebrating #5!

October 1 is a pretty special day for us.  Five years ago today, Keith and I got married!  Time indeed flies by.

We kicked off our anniversary festivities a little early with a visit to Disneyland and California Adventure yesterday (with much thanks to our friends Chris and Greta for the tickets!).  We loved how the park was decked out with it’s Halloween decor.  We couldn’t resist getting a shot in front of the pumpkin on Main Street.  The Disney Photopass guy was so kind to take our picture, but a little baffled trying to figure out where we were from.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Disney guy: So let me guess where you’re from…Australia?

Keith: No.

Disney guy: New Zealand?

Lori: No.

Disney guy: London?

Keith: No.

Disney guy: I know! Utah!

Lori: No.

Disney guy: Canada!?

Keith: No. Try, Orange County.

We were all laughing.  It must have been the extremely stylish floppy hats we were wearing that threw him off.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!  The last five years have been quite an adventure. I can’t wait to see what the next five have in store.

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