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2009 Year in Review: That’s a Wrap!

Keith and I are always amazed at how creative our clients are.  From cute sweaters and cowboy hats to tiny chairs and bottles of bubbles, our clients have added a number of creative touches to their family portraits.  Naomi is no exception.  Last Spring, we met up with her and her family at the Fullerton Arboretum. To change up what would have been a typical session Naomi brought along several colorful wraps.  It was great to see how she and her adorable sons interacted with one another both in and out of the colorful bundles of fabric.  And Naomi has a lot of knowledge about these wraps—she not only wears them, she sells them.  Her website is worth checking out.  You might even see a few of our photos there!

This was also a special session for us as this first shot of Lucas pointing his fingers at the camera was on display at last summer’s Orange County Fair. We hope you enjoy the slideshow!

P h o t o g r a p h y   W o r k s h o p s