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Laguna Beach Sunset

A castle?  In Laguna Beach?  You betcha!  Well, sort of.  A few weeks ago Keith and I heard about a castle-like building overlooking the coast in Laguna.  Since the weather was so nice yesterday, we thought it was the perfect chance to head to the beach and look for this unique landmark.  After scurrying across PCH, we trekked down a steep driveway, followed by an even steeper step of stairs, and made our way around a cliff to finally discover this gem:


The adventure was totally worth it!  It’s not everyday we see such unique architecture in Orange County.  We learned that this castle-like turret was once used as a staircase to provide access from the top of the cliff to the shoreline.  If the tide wasn’t so high, we would have taken a closer look at the stucture, but the view we did get was pretty gorgeous.  The sunset wasn’t too shabby either.  Even with the clouds and fog rolling in, we got a quick peek at the sun before it dipped below the horizon.

If you have a unique spot in the OC, leave a comment and let us know about it!  We’re usually up for an adventure.


  • oneshotbeyond - wonderful location…it seems all the cool spots in Laguna are marked with steep stairs that are slippery!

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